Who am I and why did I write an eBook?

Insightful & Practical

I just finished reading your ebook and loved it! So many brain poofs along the way and I have been marketing for 6 years now with a Masters- I was better off coming to you! All in all, it was insightful & practical. The exercises were perfect! I think it's definitely a must read for all business owners and brand managers.

Ella- Social Media Marketing Manager

FINALLY, I understand Branding

I'd always follow your Instagram and think 'how did she do this?' 'What makes Dessert Boxes different to any other brand online?' and after reading your book, I finally get it! I can't wait to be the purple cow in my industry.

Terry- Small Business Owner

I now know what content to create

The best book I've read by far! The worksheets were amazing and i'm so glad that you taught me how to create audience personas because know I have a different approach on how to create content of value for my audience. I've printed out the content calendar on my desk and it's made my posting easy and seamless. Thankyou for all the golden nuggets.

Dianne- Graphic Designer & Business Owner

Value, Value, Value

Where do I begin?? I haven't launched my business yet but i'm so glad that I read this book before I did. I now understand HOW to build an engaged following and the tricks behind getting noticed on social media. I can't wait to go back and re write my marketing strategy. I feel so much more confident now. Thankyou Samantha :) 

Charlie- Startup Entrepreneur

Authentic & Raw

I've seen Samantha speak on stage before and the book is written the way she speaks! So authentic & raw! I've slowed down on Instagram because I wasn't sure which direction to take but this book has given me so much motivation to start again. 

Marie- Content Creator & Blogger